If you are in search for 'Where to recycle electronics in India' you are in right place. E-waste Recycling - an e-waste management solution company in , India provides safe and secure electronic waste disposal, recycling service, WEEE Recycling for industries throughout India. We collect and manage electric and electronic equipment in a responsible manner, which strictly adheres to government regulations as well as international standards.

It's a fact of life that all computers and electronics sooner or later become obsolete. But it's a fact of business that E-waste Recycling offers the most comprehensive and secures recycling solution for unwanted computers and other electronic products. Through our state-of-the-art electronics recycling facility.

1. Deliver or arrange pick up of materials
2.Recycle all types Electrical and Electronics equipment.
3.Ensure activities are carried out in a way that is responsible to the environment as well as your reputation.
4.To obtain the highest possible result, labor intensive methods are used to completely disassemble and separate items into core materials and components.

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This is a list of boards that we adhere to in our recycling process.

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