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E-waste Recycling Services

The scope of services to effectively deal with customer's demand of disposing of retiring IT assets can vary depending
on many factors from logistics to recycling services.


WEEE Recycling

Eco-Birdd recycling offer Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE)

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Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials

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Data Destruction

We do Data Destruction by Degassing and Physical destruction by shredding

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Data Wiping

We do the Data wiping electronically which assures you a safe wiping with certification.

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Asset Management

As leaders in computer asset management, we offer a one-stop solution

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Eco-Birdd recycling offer Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) Services

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Eco Birdd Recycling Company Pvt Ltd

Eco-Birdd recycling is India’s First Informal to Formal E - waste management Company begun its operations in 2010, head quartered at Bangalore. We provide End to End solution for all electronic waste generated in an eco-friendly way and sustainable model. We collect e waste from PAN India and managed in Bangalore. Eco-Birdd is cluster of recyclers joined together to form revolutionary tale of saving the environment.

Eco – Birdd is authorised form Karnataka State Pollution control board (KSPCB), Govt of Karnataka. And has guidance from German Development Corporation (GIZ).

Eco-Birdd is one stop solution under one window for all kind of E- waste management and recycling to lead the recycling revolution by adopting appropriate technology in obtaining the best out of e - waste while ensuring protection of nature.


Our services are focused on conserving the natural resources, providing intellectual property protection to our customers, facilitating reverse logistics and ensuring 100% recycling of E-waste. At Eco-birdd, whatever we do is chiefly dictated by our vital objective to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This is why, each of our services is aimed at providing sustainable solutions, both economical and environmental, that leave a better world for the generations to come.

Eco Birdd carries out the recovery of precious metals from recycling materials containing them and which can be used as urgently needed raw material for production processes such as gold, silver. We not only assure the metals for next generation of computer processors, mobiles, and telephones but also we safeguard raw-material reserves for the next generation of people.

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How it Works

We always Endeavour to efficiently apply Reuse, Reduce, Recycle



Reuse is one of the viable options in the recycling services, which can be used in various ways...



To make our planet greener we need to reduce the use of IT asset, refurbishment of IT products, implementing power saving options,..



This is the last option to be utilized if the IT asset is not working to the original manufacturing products.

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This is a list of boards that we adhere to in our recycling process.

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